Field Book

To facilitate field data collection and remove transcription errors, we have created an app with a simple platform that will allow researchers to replace hard-copy filed books. Field Book can be used by researchers to easily take notes on field research plots.


To assist with rapid inventory and weighing of seed stocks and harvest bags, we’ve developed an application to inventory and weigh barcoded seed samples. Inventory uses an Elane USB Scale to quickly weigh and categorize samples.


Created to replace our previous DNA Plate App and Seed Tray App, Coordinate is a unified data collection app. Coordinate is based on defining templates and then collecting data in grids created from those templates.


Developed to analyze seed lots for size, shape and weight, its name comes from the one thousand kernel weight that is commonly used as a selection criteria in plant breeding programs. 1KK extracts seed morphology from images captured by phone and tablet cameras.


Verify is an Android application that imports a list of entries, scans barcodes, and identifies whether it exists in the list of entries along with audio/visual notifications.

Whitefly Count

Mcrops project of the Artificial Intelligence Research & Data Science labs of Makerere University has developed a new app aimed at supporting Agricultural research in combating the white-fly pest. The app aims at enhancing the effiency of researchers in the field by enabling them take consistent Whitefly population counts, to aptly determine how much an area has been affected. It also facilitates for capturing Geo-tagged image data of the leaves with Adult Whiteflies.


Survey utilizes external GPS unites to collect and organize location data points.